Top 5 Winter Sun Escapes

януари 21, 2018 / LIFESTYLE

“Explore some of the most enigmatic and exotic places on earth”

All those perfectly planned getaways drive the heart to the edge – don’t try to keep its voice down when you can rejoice in disclosing what’s beyond mystifying and exceptional.


Canary Islands, Spain

Lush greenery, lunar landscapes, Sahara-hot dunes and dramatic volcanoes – it does sound like a land that is just out of this world, right? Well, it is… to a certain extent. Once you set foot in Canary Islands, Spain, you can jump into such an abundance of outdoor activities; and so, it’s time to enjoy a camel ride, horse treks, windsurfing, boat rides and so much more.



Costa Rica

Oh, my Goodness’ would be a massive travelers’ reaction at the sight of the diverse terrain around here!  Lush scenery, nature reserves alongside exotic beach lines anticipate adventures from all over the world. Arenal Volcano National Park, Barbilla National Park, Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge fall among the hottest stops here anyone would die to explore!

St. Lucia

Two significant bluffs and desert-like sun await all travelers who are fond of the exotic side of things. Caribbean’s striking outcrop is like a rare diamond owing its remarkable shape to the mind-blowing cliffs, called Gros and Petit Piton. For the most part, the charming island is surrounded by thick rainforest revealing arresting sights and scenery. St. Lucia is proud of its golden and silvery beaches, the latter of which can be seen when heading south. With that and even more, St. Lucia seems to complete any adventurer’s requirements for a destination perfect for a Winter Sun Escape.


Dripping with mystique and rich history, Cuba impresses with raw beauty, captivating culture and cobbled squares – a typical sight in Habana Vieja aka Old Havana. Live music, vintage cars, significant old buildings are the nickname of this steaming hot place. Rimmed by dazzling beach lines, magical islands, and lush countryside, Cuba proves once more the depth of its diversity.

Phuket aka Thailand’s biggest island

Considered the largest island in Thailand, this exotic place simply has it all together – its turquoise waters, exceptional climate, incredible sandy beaches have newcomers stop by and lose themselves in the surroundings of this astonishing place. The renowned Phuket Town alongside Patong Beach – the hot gathering spot for beach lovers – and Rawai Village speak volume about the priceless riches around here!

Here we go with our top 5 hot-and-heavy Winter Escapes – do you have the guts to peep into their perplexing nature?



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