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 “Adventurers love spiking adrenaline levels even when going on a spree”

For all of you, ski lovers and professionals, we’ve made up a short list of wonderful ski destinations and resorts. Treat your senses to a splendid holiday high up in the mountains and engage yourself in extreme winter sports increasing adrenaline levels right away.


St. Moritz, Switzerland

Spreading across the Engadin valley, Graubünden, the famed ski and snowboard destination features a unique mix of lovely weather, soft snow cover and perfect altitude; all of which ending in a fine blend that is perfect for dreamers of a tranquil holiday in the woods. The natives there are quite lucky – they are offered a wide array of edgy winter sports, such as bobsleigh, skating on frozen lakes, ski-jumping, snowboarding, sledging, and many others.

Courchevel, France

The French Alps ski resort is often considered the most luxurious one in Europe. No wonder why – Courchevel is the favorite winter spot for celebrities, such as the model Naomi Campbell, George Clooney and David Beckham. Besides, it has its own airport as the total number of the ski slopes goes beyond 270. Depending on the altitude, each zone bears a unique name. Courchevel, for instance, is the most renowned ski zone rising up to a height of 1.850.


St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria

Only a few km away from Germany and Italy lies the exclusive Austrian-based winter resort St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria. Surrounded by genuinely thick pine forest, this charming mountain village rises above 1.300 m off the ground. The Alpine resort is deeply cherished by international tourists who come up here when the first snow falls.


Are, Sweden

As enchanting as the ski resort truly is, Are, Sweden, lies on the north brink of Aresjon lake. It attracts many ski professionals and lovers with its rich diversity of slopes featuring more than 40 lifts. The distinguished ski destination is about 500 km away from the capital of Sweden – Stockholm. Are you ready for extreme ski memories on the territory of “Are ski resort”?


Trysil, Norway

Both tourists and skiers, who are smitten with all these extravagant adventures, are deeply attracted by this marvelous family resort. The ski destination offers 4 ski zones, all of which connected to one another. Trysil ski resort makes the perfect choice for both professionals and ski lovers.

Have you picked your ski resort yet? Hurry up and fall in love with a winter tale disclosed by some of the greatest European ski and snowboard resorts!

Author: Marina Yoveva/M.Y.



Velislav Ivanov

февруари 24, 2017 11:29

Lovely list of destinations for every fan of the winter's beauties and the sport of skiing.




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