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The essence of Coachella Musical Festival

“Make music the sound of your soul

Considered an extremely long-awaited festival all over, the Valley Music Coachella is a year-round 2-weekend 3-day music & arts festival. Needless to say, it’s one of the most eminent and attended musical festivals throughout the USA. Founded by Paul Tollett back in the 90’s, the event hasn’t ceased to appeal and excite since then. Moreover, Coachella made an unbelievable record back in 2014 with its breaking $78.3 million income.

Traditionally, the world-recognized event is held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA as this year Coachella is set to happen on April 14-16 and April 21-23 2017. The spectacular musical festival features a lovely variety of genres, such as hip-hop, electronic dance music, alternative rock and pop music for the fans of soft tunes. For instance, artists, such as Amy Winehouse, The Killers as well as Dr Dre are only a small, but quite significant, fraction of the musical industry ever hosting the largest musical spring festival.

Alongside this, the venue displays extraordinary art installations and appealing sculptures that are bound to steal the show at Coachella 2017. Naturally, the festival showcases not only top pop and rock artists and bands, but rising solo performers as well.

Make your Coachella 2017 exceptional!

Conventionally, the hype surrounding the famous musical event this year is unceasing. It appears as though Coachella fans won’t be in the least bit disappointed. As alluring as it genuinely is, Coachella is about to feature a quite diverse line-up of artists. Fans of the undying rock n roll may hold breath because this year’s event is going to be heated up by none other than the rock band AC/DC.

Alongside them, other remarkable artists, such as Drake as well as Steely Dan, are bound to ignite our world of hot pop music. Outside of this, Coachella never fails to impress and surprises the fans with newly-raised pop stars belonging to varying musical genres; surely, this allows all festival goers to enjoy a fresh mix of energetic tunes.



Behind the Coachella’s grand success

Coachella musical and arts festival has always been considered an exceptional musical experience for the connoisseurs of refined tunes. As such, it’s no wonder why such a myriad of celebrities can also be recognized at the event; and since we’re on celebrities now, we can’t leave a few of our personal favorites, such as Nina Dobrev, Olivia Holt and Karlie Kloss unmentioned. Given the unique vibes floating high up in the air and excellent line-ups of artists, the reason behind its vast success is certainly well-founded.

Passes and trip planning

Have you gotten your Coachella passes yet? If not, then you’d better get your fingers going right away! This year’s event is so promising that tickets and travel packages are soon to be used up! Hurry up and visit the Coachella’s official website from where you can get your passes. Put in a nutshell, you’re provided with two basic login options: you can either choose the “weekend 1 or 2 ticketing account login” to review different festival passes. On their platform festival goers are able to check exclusive passes, parking and camping options + shuttles and other attractive extras!

Basically, the pricing goes from $399to $474 for General Admission Pass, including entrance to the musical venue along with day parking passes during the 3-day festival. Holders of GA Pass are allowed to visit camping spots as well.

The other Pass option is priced $474 as it features accessibility to the event, parking lots as well as shuttle passes. Also, this alternative offers “Anytime Shuttle Pass”.

H&M Loves Coachella Collection 2017

What are you wearing at Coachella? This is without a doubt the most discussed question prior to the long-awaited musical venue. The good news is that H&M has got us all covered, literally from head to toe! It’s high time all festival visitors jumped right into an amazingly rich diversity of sheer and ultra feminine denim ideas for the ladies and colorful graphic prints for the guys. This year H&M has a sure-fire festival campaign going on featuring flamboyant pieces to experience the festival vibes!

The charming “H&M Loves Coachella Campaign” includes sheer strapped dresses paired up with a modern studded choker and pink sunglasses. The Love Collection also impresses with its lace-trimmed slip-dresses, floral-embellished denim jackets, large star-shaped earrings, sexy short sleeve shirts and tight skirts, drawstring shorts and so much more!

Author: Marina Yoveva/M.Y.

Photo credit: Coachella, H&M





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