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M: What have you learned from your first Nevada show?

What I’ve gathered from Nevada show is precision, responsibility, a manner of work as well as diligence.

M: What’s your reply to all the news you read about yourself in the media?

My attitude depends on the “vibe” they spread, more or less. It all boils down to whether they hold any truth.

M: Tell us, what’s the top PR strategy?

The one that has been specifically designed for the customer’s needs alongside the target of people it happens to be addressed to.

M: How have you managed to get to the place you’re today? What’s the one thing you’ve given up if there’s any?

I can’t say that there were many sacrifices. I love what I do as it builds me up. Naturally, I often turn back on treating myself to something nice as I backtrack from a couple of free minutes as well. However, I don’t take it as a sacrifice at all.

M: Does fashion play a role in your life?

It’s not that I don’t care about fashion at all as I watch it like a “bystander on the road”. All in all, I take something from it and I make it mine.

M: What are your beauty tricks?

I’ve got a couple of things up my sleeve, but they’re not tricks. I’ve set my eyes on a certain set of activities and rituals that help me maintain my body shape. Also, I take care of my internal world as I do surround myself with friendly, open-hearted and kind individuals.

M: Tell us more about your “41 women” initiative

The idea was brought to life quite spontaneously. I figured that setting a “gala day” just like that would be pretty much egocentric, and I shared all of this with my pals. With this in mind, I suggested that we focused on doing something useful and meaningful. There’s hardly a girl who would turn down a beautiful dress for her prom and have her own fairy tale come to live that way. The hysteria surrounding prom days is what we witness traditionally each year.

Dozens of young ladies spend months searching for the best dresses while negotiating with their parents for luxurious cars, silicone implants alongside making appointments at the top makeup artist salons and hairdressers. On the other side of the table sit teenagers whose only wish is to have a unique prom night.

Then I wanted to come up with something that could bring some joy into the lives of those young girls - something that could help them dream and make the most of their magical prom day.

I’ve reached out to the National Foster Care Association which unifies professionals and foster parents who share a common goal of providing a safe and caring environment for all children where they could be able to develop themselves. Thanks to the support of their forest parents, three of the girls have shown strong motivational skills as a result of a myriad of stumbling blocks they’ve come across in their lives. This is where my idea stemmed from – I offered my guests to put as much money as they wanted aside so as to make these young girls’ dreams come alive.

Doni Vasileva aka Ms. Grandmother 2015 has already put into action her own “part of the deal” as she has been gathering accessories and dresses for girls deprived of a parental care and I suggested that we should enrich her initiative with makeup and hairstyle.

M: Why graduates, anyway? Why them and not the youngsters being at another stage in their lives?

As I’ve just mentioned, Doni Vasileva happened to be the source of our inspiration.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with Bcause foundation and since then we’ve been working on a whole lot of projects focused on charity. They have been the ones to meet me with the National Foster Parents Association and together we’ve arrived at the conclusion to reach out to the graduates! There are already 4 girls and 1 boy on board. I’m genuinely content that we are able to help all those young people fulfill their dreams while standing at the threshold of their new live phases.

M: Are there other initiatives by Iva Ekimova coming soon?

Until now I’ve supported someone else’s projects. Now I shift the focus onto my own initiative. The Forster Parent Association will have spent about 20 graduates by next year. Surely, this is bound to be a huge step. This is what I will be laying my eyes upon while trying to do my best in this direction.

M: How do you let the steam off?

I do it through my job. When I meet my girls, including you as well, it really gets me going.

M: If you had superpowers, what would you wish for? What would you use them for?

I do have a superpower – it’s my smile. There’s no greatest power that this one. It breaks through barriers and walls. Simply put, it outlives any preconceptions.

M: What should any lady’s PR arsenal consist of so as to be successful?

Easy one – it should feature open-heartedness, impeccable professionalism, authenticity, a refined style and a genuine smile.

M: What’s the most priceless lesson you’d love to teach Dara?

To be herself and to follow her intuition and never give up on what deeply drives her, motivates her and brings her happiness.

M: What does your “fashion image” look like?

It’s just like my personality – positive, charismatic, mannered, and authentic.


Photo: Vladislav Filipov



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