февруари 26, 2015 / TRAVELS

Hey guys, I wish you a wonderful week, so so wonderful like the city I am gonna write about Saint Petersburg!

A great touristic destination, both in winter and in summer, St. Pete is the second largest city in Russia, and honestly speaking is worth seeing more than Moscow. Aristocratic place, that somehow resembles to Paris on my opinion…mostly because of the rivers and the buildings whose architecture is influenced by French and Italian architects….hm, no, I am wrong, they are not only influenced but they are constructed by them…


So, let me introduce to you my TOP touristic places-to-go…please keep in mind that I am from “those” tourists that will prefer to take selfie in front of the Louvre but not to wait on lines…yeap, yeap, that is true 

1. The Catherine Palace- my favourite palace, after which even Versailles did not impress me at all.


2. The Peter I Palace- with a huge number of fountains, incredible in summer time!

3. Hermitage- the place for connoisseur of art … many sculptures and paintings…


4. Kazansky sobor (Kazan Cathedral)

5. Isaakievskiy sobor (Isaak Cathedral)

6. Church “Spas na krovi” (Savior on blood)

7. The bridges on the river of Neva, but at midnight…


Well, with that my touristic program usually finishes and starts the real shopping mania…..the truth is that I am in love with the local brands…. LN family, Love republic, Befree, Zarina and many others.

You will ask me about the restaurants and clubs, right? A must-see Russian-style restaurant is Podvorye…it is the most preferred place for high-level guests in Saint Petersburg (politicians, Hollywood celebrities etc.)…the food is so delicious…so, head to the place if you are in the city.

If I should make a review on the trendy restaurants, my award goes to all the places that are part of Ginza project (they have many different restaurants and you can check them on google)…. I have visited their “Terrassa” with an amazing view of Kazan Catherdral and “Prianosti i radosti”, and definitely I was happy with my choice.

My dream…ok, my great willing… was to visit the original Buddha bar somewhere abroad and I did it in Saint Petersburg Very cute place with nice music and food…yes, you can even eat there 

Did I wake your interest?

If more info needed, just text me!

Kisses, M.




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