Plovdiv. Bulgaria.

февруари 25, 2015 / TRAVELS

Well, as I promised…it’s time for my next brief article for a good touristic place. Now I am gonna to present you one lovely Bulgarian city- Plovdiv, which is the second biggest town in Bulgaria after Sofia. Plovdiv is a very ancient place, its history spans 6,000 years, with traces of a Neolithic settlement dating to roughly 4000 BC, which ranks it among the oldest cities worldwide. It is situated only 130 km south from Sofia, which is approximately one hour and ten minutes by car.


It is a must to see the Old Plovdiv where you will find amazing ruins, monuments, Ancient theatre, many museums and best view from one of the hills of the city (they are seven, by the way :)). To be honest, when I gave guests from abroad, we always have a one day trip to the city, and they are really very impressed by the hospitality of the local people and the beauty of that nice place. The central pedestrian street in Plovdiv is really very nice with many many small cafes where you can get your morning cup of coffee and to feel the vibes of the city. Please, do not miss to visit one very special place for me…the Turkish café in Djumaia mosque in the central Plovdiv, where you will feel the taste of Orient…mmm, priceless!



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