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Explore Hanoi and its peculiar nature

“Watch out for Vietnamese scooters. Indeed, they may not see you cross the street!”

From its Old Citadel to the famous Ho chi minh mausoleum, Hanoi is surely an interesting place worth exploring. What’s more, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t think of it as an exotic city that is basically a far cry from everything we’ve seen. Of course, the humoristic part about Vietnamese natives, who reportedly love having dogs for dinner, boldly goes with the city’s unknown nature. As for that, Hanoi’s widely-known for its recognizable Asian cuisine filled with a wide variety of herbs that it basically relies on. Hanoi’s cuisine totally surpasses Thai’s and Chinese ones with the extensive use of herbs, more tangible aromas and rich garnishing.

What I’ve experienced in Hanoi

Naturally, tourists get dizzy by Hanoi’s vibrant streets almost bursting at the seams with visitors and locals; and, if, by any chance, you get bored, we’ve got a great idea for you: just try crossing the street in Hanoi without getting hit by the local scooter drivers! Oh, my Heavens, it will surely spike up your adrenaline levels!

Indeed, if you happen to go there for more than a few days, you’d certainly notice that all local folks simply prefer scooters to cars due to the enormous distances. After all, the whole population of Hanoi went beyond 7.5 million according to the census back in 2015. How crazy, right?

Naturally, every place has some downsides, so Hanoi is certainly not an exception to the rule. Sadly, locals barely speak English and you could still sense the socialism floating up in the air. The humid is pretty high, so, ladies, be sure to have a few hair ties with you. All in all, Hanoi is certainly a different and exotic place, but it’s not really abundant in many significant landmarks. Rather, you’d probably explore the majority of them during your first day out there!

Some of the places in Hanoi that is worth to visit:

- Hanoi’s old Citadel

The Old Citadel is surely a great starting point of any sightseeing tour. This place is a great tourist spot as they can certainly spend a couple of hours contemplating the archeological grounds and remnants of the city’s past. Being a unique place, the Hanoi’s old Citadel features two sub-sections, one running to the grounds, and the other leading to the buildings.

- One Pillar Pagoda


As another widely known attraction in Hanoi, the symbolical One Pillar Pagoda is actually a pillar perching up an artificially created lotus flower pond. The One Pillar Pagoda is indeed a fine representation of the beautiful flower which has been growing up right out of the lotus pond. Also, there’s a shrine inside the Pagoda i.e. a little temple dedicated to a Buddhist deity. 


- Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Situated in Ba Dinh Square, the Mausoleum is an example of one of the most crowded tourist spots and visited landmarks in Hanoi. Ho Chi minh is actually an iconic leader for the Vietnamese community who is also known as “Uncle Ho”. The Mausoleum is indeed where his body is kept in a special glass case. All in all, today the Ho chi minh mausoleum is certainly a major attraction for international visitors.

- Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of the Returned Sword)

- The Old Quarter

- Roof top bar at the 65-th floor of Lotte Hotel

This time I did not have chance to visit other places in Vietnam, but I promise, I will be back and definitely will do it :)

Some more photos from Hanoi:




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