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Hey guys,

finally I have finished my trip review about Riga presenting that nice city through my eyes.

Riga is the capital of Latvia (neither Lithuania, nor Estonia ;) ) and surely will stay in my mind like one of the prettiest European cities that I have ever visited.

I stayed in a small family hotel located in the city centre 1 month ago for one week. It  gave me the opportunity to walk a lot and to feel the vibe of the city….people…. air…

Riga is a small city, so the most of the landmarks are situated on a pedestrian distance to each other …..and have I ever told you that I am a fan of hanging out down the streets?… ;)

I am gonna present you briefly the places that definitely should be visited when you are in that marvelous city.

The first day of my stay I took a touristic boat and had an amazing trip through the city’s channels and Daugava river.

Riga is really very green, clean and calm city…Huh, and you cannot imagine how many of cute cafes they have….This nice place “Beze konditoreja” I found by accident while strolling in the city, but I liked it so much that almost every day I was there for a cup of coffee and something sweet.

What about this cute Tea house? Amazing view while drinking your cup of tea….and unbelievable variety of different tea leaves for 100% tea lovers :)

The Old town of Riga is one if the first spots you should go and see- narrow streets, no vehicles, plenty of restaurants, cafes and old buildings… I believe you will appreciate its beauty through my Iphone pics ;)

This is the sweet store of the oldest Latvian sweets producer- Laima. Mmmm, so delicious….You can guess that I did not enter just to take pics ;)

By walking down the streets I saw the Natioanal Art Academy, that really impressed me with its architecture.

National Opera.

The Art Nouveau District with its impressive buildings.

It was very interesting for me to see in Riga their Central Market – separate buildings with dairy products, fish, meat, sweets etc…huge choice of fresh and natural “bio” food. You will see more of it in my upcoming video “Visit Riga & Jurmala with M.” ;)

Only 20 km away from Riga is the coast of Baltic sea and the beaches of the most famous resort in Latvia- Jurmala. It is very green city with small and cozy hotels and houses. The beach is very wide but I did not see my beloved beach bars. On the central street are concentrated the cafes and restaurants.

But let’s be back to Riga…you are going to ask me where to eat, right? Well, I would suggest the traditional restaurants’ chain- LIDO. The food is incredibly delicious there. Do not forget to taste the famous Latvian dessert – Black bread soup… :)

You will not believe, but the day is really long (in May), the sunset was around 10 pm. Actually the following photos are taken that time.

I adore the views, and usually I do not miss to visit places with breathtaking city views J I would suggest you to visit the Sky bar in one of the Radisson hotels in Riga. This one, close to the Monument of Freedom. The bar is on the 23 or 26 floor, I forgot. It is a nice place for drinks and cocktails, but be prepared to see many tourists taking photos ;)

Next time when I visit Riga, I will definitely combine it with one daily trip to Stockholm.  There is a ferry departing from Riga at the evening. The trip is 8 hours, but it is not so tiring cause it is night time ;)

Heh, I was about to forget  my shopping experience ;) A favourite Latvian brand “Orange” is already part of my closet and my photo shootings ;)

Galleria Riga is a good shopping Mall where you will find a good mix of middle brands.




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