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Munich, Germany: explore the vast beauty of the Bavaria’s “Pearl”

Magnificent, marvelous and magical – the triple “M” fits Germans’ most favorite place to live in just perfectly. Considered extremely vibrant and buoyant, the Bavarian’s capital and largest city can provide us with an abundance of both indoor and outdoor activities. As alluring as it is, Munich offers a wonderful blend of traditional and contemporary which not only makes us lose perception of time, but fall head over heels for the friendly and livable boom town.

With its rich diversity of extraordinary sights and venues, it’s no wonder why the blooming metropolis “München” (hip-hip-hooray to the ones fluent in German) falls into the top list of worldwide destinations attracting millions of international tourists year-round.

Let’s dive into the depths of Munich, Bavaria: top attractions for newcomers

Landing on a German land alone makes it quite a remarkable experience – the city lights flaring up the night sky is just a tiny example of the city’s genuine enchantment having tourists awestruck at the sight of its greatness. And once you set foot there, a soft voice starts whispering in your ears, repeating over and over again, “it’s time to make the most of München, baby!”

An “out-of-the-ordinary” experience in Munich, Bavaria

The New Town Hall “Das Neue Rathaus am Marienplatz”

The Neue Rathaus (Munich’s Town Hall) is another quite emblematical landmark catching the eye with its neo-gothic features walking us back to the very turn of the century.

Architecturally, Munich’s Neue Rathaus dominates the north part of Marienplatz; and generally, it represents the history of this cosmopolitan city.

Just an idea: contemplate incredible panoramic views from the world-famous tower balcony “Glockenspiel” of the Neue Rathaus. Have fun!

Frauenkirche aka “The Church of our Lady”

Frauenkirche – another symbolic landmark on the vast territory of Munich which proudly contains features which walk us back to the 15th – 16th century. It’s exactly there where Jan Polack’s distinguished painting “Protecting Cloak” is kept. A notable characteristic that the significant Church of our Lady is famous for is its “dark” interior hardly illuminated by a chancel window.

The Residenz palace

The prominent Residenz palace, located in the urban area of Munich, used to be a city castle of emperors, princes as well as dukes in the state of Bavaria. Famous for its complexity regarding the architectural style, the unique series of buildings represents impressive features typical for the period of Renaissance and Classicism.
As for the castle-like structure, today it’s a home to an ancestral portrait gallery, several courtyards, “classical apartments” (check the King’s Building) and so much more that’s surely worth any visitor’s attention.

The Church of St. Peter aka “Peterkirche”

Don’t leave Germany without exploring the famed “Peterkirche” in Munich designed in a Romanesque style. The area where St. Peter’s Church is stretched upon was once called “Petersbergl” meaning Peter’s Hill; and so, a similar name was given to the notable “Kirche” which the world now recognizes as the Church of St. Peter.

P.S. Take a walk inside to contemplate the unique gothic-inspired architecture reminiscent of the Romanesque characteristics.

“Englisher Garten” – “A heaven-like Garden for Daydreamers”

Filled with such a lovely diversity of parks and gardens, Munich proves once again how marvelous and tranquil it genuinely is. The famous “English Garden” exemplifies this image just wonderfully –its layout went through numerous changes as more green spaces were periodically added throughout the years. As of today, the Englisher Garten is a synonym of a splendid park that is ideal for daydreamers.

Taste the traditional German cuisine, explore the greatest shopping areas and exciting events!

Exploring a new city always adds a touch of excitement and when the word phrase “local cuisine” is mouthed, things just get serious. Naturally, Germans are often teased quite playfully because of the famous “wurst” (a type of sausage);but gladly, Munich can absolutely offer any tourist way much more than salami; and here’s a list of Great Bavarian restaurants and cafes where you can taste an amazing range of delicious meals, beverages and desserts:

  • Augustiner am Dom

  • Der Pschorr

  • Zum Flaucher

  • Restaurant Ebert

  • Vecchia Lanterna

  • GaleriaKaufhof (top shopping mall)

  • Elizabethmarkt aka Elizabeth Market

  • JazzbarVogler

Now that you know so much about Munich and its vast beauty, be ready to experience what could only be labeled as “extraordinary”. See you there!

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