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Hey guys,

Despite my numerous travels, I emphasize on fashion and beauty articles on my blog….So, it is time to change a lil bit ;) Yesterday I noticed, that in my new site is not transferred the article about Mykonos… I will upload it once again here in the coming days. The summer is coming as well ;) And now, as promised….do you remember the posted photo of me and the question if you can guess where the pic is taken?

The answer is Minsk- the capital of Belarus….As far as I know, that is the less visited European capital for tourism. But now I will share with you my feedback about it….

By reading my blog, you are getting more and more involved in my life…for some of you it might be interesting, for the others- not so much ;)

So, let’s be back to the travel review…Belarus is the country which takes a special place in my heart, cause my first 9 years I passed there….my first 3 years in school, my first best friend ….

So, the city is Polotsk and the year 1994 when I left that lovely place to move again in Bulgaria (Plovdiv) where I was born.

Polotsk is one really very small and nice city, established, as far as I know in IX century. In 2008 specialists claimed it is the Geographic European center and later the statement is confirmed by the Russian geodesy institute….

Since 1996 I have not came back in the country but I was always feeling the nostalgia…I wanted to see the places from my childhood, my first school, my best friend…..So, in 2009 thanks to the social medias I found her, my friend that I will never forget! She invited me to visit her in Minsk cause she had been living there for many years…..and, I did it, I went to celebrate with her the NYE 2013….I was in Belarus only for 3 days…

Minsk is one incredible clean, cozy and beautiful city, with nice people and…hmmm, what a cuisine! I was surprised by the street lights and Christmas decoration….It was really like in Las Vegas….so festive atmosphere…something that I was always missing in Bulgaria. Be prepared to feel like real millionaires there ;) 1 Euro is 16000 Belarusian currency J The first day we moved around the city, we spoke a lot….and meanwhile I was gathering my iphone photo material ;)

The National library.

View from the Library.

Strolling on the streets.

The Opera.


Definitely there are many places to be visited: parks, cathedrals, museums….and sure, shopping malls! The only thing that you might have a problem with is the wi-fi in public places. I must confess that is almost a mission impossible to have it in cafes or restaurants J Unfortunately I did not have enough time to visit many restaurants and clubs….but I remember one very lovely place…it is a café, restaurant and aqua place in one. It is called Ptich ( and it’s only few kilometers away from Minsk.

Mochanka po shahedski (traditional dish).

Our millions.

The second day my friend surprised me and took me in Polotsk, you remember it from my first lines in the article, don’t you? ;) …I found the street where I lived, my first school….;) the Saint Sophia Cathedral, Convent of Saint Euphrosyne… where are you, my childhood?! J Then they came 3 circles around the Boris stone for good luck J , delicious lunch in the best traditional restaurant- Damian and back to Minsk….where we had to prepare dishes for the coming NYE next day….

My school.

Saint Sophia Cathedral.

The Boris stone.

Saint Ephrosinya monastery.

The center of Europe.

...след което обяд в най-хубавия им традиционен ресторант Дамиан и обратно към Минск.... все пак са си 255 км. в една посока по обикновен междуселищен път....а нас ни чакаше готвене за Новогодишната нощ :)

Home party, Russian sauna, lot of fun and positive and nice people…that was my celebration!

Belarus, my place….you will like it!



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