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Today we are talking with Izabela Sakutova, the owner of Bra+Clinic stores and the winner "Debut 2015" at the ceremony Business lady 2015 in Bulgaria.

The idea about the interview was born suddenly while talking with Izabela about the bra fitting. I hope that you have already read about this service.

So, let's go ! ;)


M.: Which are the most common mistakes women do when choosing a bra?

First - the chest band's girt should be a couple of centimeters smaller than our body's girt. Second - when you stretch the shoulder-straps from the shoulders the distance between them should be no more than two fingers. 

M.: What material the bra should be made of?

It doesn't mean. It could be of lace  or with thick cups. The most important is that a bra should be washed in lukewarm water in a basin.  Never in a washing machine. We have a brand of washing gels especially made  for the materials not to widen.

M.: How long should we wear the bra?

One day maximum. After that we should not wear it also at least one day. Our body's warmth help materials to widen as the hot water and the washing machine do.

M.: How could we prolong our bra's life? How many should every woman have?

We should close the chest band on the last hook. In the time when it starts to widen we should close it on the next hook. A woman should have at least three bras so while she is wearing the first, the second "to have a rest" and the third to be prepared for washing.

M.: Is there any taboo regarding the bra's colour?

Nothing is forbidden but their colors should depend on what we are wearing. While wearing a white shirt the bra should not be white but in nude colour. The same is for the gauzy clothes. This way it could not be seen under the shirt. When we are with "second skin" clothes the bra's design should be the so-called t-shirt design so the bra could not be traced out. It is absolutely forbidden to wear gauzy shoulder straps. 

M.: What does Bra Clinic offer to their customers?

Except for high quality bras we offer a free consultation about every woman's bra size. Our consultants inscribe your personal details in the system so the next time you visit us we already know what exactly suits you best.

M.: How did you make your brakethrough?

Everything started in Poland. I am interested in the sphere since I was a kid because I had problems with my bigger breast and barely managed to find a suitable bra. When moving to Bulgaria I decided to develop this business here. 

M.: What does satisfy you the most?

My job. It's my hobby and what means to me. I know how important is for a woman to feel comfortable and the properly chosen bra is one of the most crucial necessities. 

M.: Where can we find you on Saturday night?

I have two children and you could hardly find me in a bar, for example. My best time is the time spent with them.

M.: Do you have something personal - a daily ritual or a special thing which encourages you?

I often  practice yoga in the mornings.

M.: Your formula for a success?

Hard working and dedication.


Text: Gabriela Tabakova for followMarietta

Photo: Plamen Trifonov 




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