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Good evening, babes ;)

Today I am gonna to present you one of my next trip reviews…I will make a try to “take” you with me in a city, that I guess you already know it is one of my favourite places in the world…It is a place that I visit at least once per year and it gives me so much energy, I cannot explain…that marvelous city is Istanbul.

I fell in love with that capital of three Empires from the first time I visited it….So much history at one place, different people, great food, coffee, tea and….incredible nightlife. Yes, you are reading right…NIGHTLIFE…

If you are for your first time in Istanbul, I would suggest you to stay at the Historical area of the city- Sultanahmet, where the most of the historical landmarks are concentrated. I will share with you guys, my shortlist of the places that definitely should be visited J Furthermore, they are located in a walking distance from each other. So, the list is as following:

1. Hagia Sophia

2. Blue Mosque

3. Basilica Cistern

4. Topkapi Palace- to be honest I was not so much impressed by it. But yes, you will see there the 4-th biggest in its kind diamond in the world (86 carats)

5. Gulhane park- it is exactly in the area of the Topkapi palace and it is really very impressive and nice. So many roses in it….actually, as far as I know “gul” is “rose” in Turkish, from where the name of the park is coming… I adore to drink my Turkish coffee or tea in the lovely and cozy cafés at Gulhane with the breathtaking view of Bosphorus.

6. Spice bazaar – definitely for the lovers of spices….

7. Grand bazaar- well, if you do not have so much time, you can skip it. I visited it cause of my curiosity during my forth stay in Istanbul.

After visiting Sultanahmet, you can go to the centre of the city- the Taksim square. It will take you approximately 50 min to go there by walking. From the square starts the shopping street of Istanbul- Istiklal caddesi, where you will find plenty of stores, restaurants and cafés. .

Close to the street is situated the Galata Tower, which is also a top location for tourism

Our next stop is at the Dolmabahce Palace, which was the last residence of Ataturk. Very beautiful palace, really a must to visit!

One of the attractions in Istanbul is Bosphorus boat tour to the Asian coast. My favourite is still the European part ;)

The Bosphorus bridge! Maybe I had to start with it my article (actually they are few)….huh, it took my breath! At day at night….incredible view… I think I should call the emergency to take me back in Istanbul while I am writing this article for you ;)

Ortakoy and Bebek are the most prestigious districts in the city, where are located the most expensive restaurants and cafés with the incredible view of Bosphorus.

I will make a stop at some of my favourite bars and clubs that I have already visited or I must do it at my next trip. It is my recommendation for you if you are a lover of trendy places ;)

1. So, I am starting with the No 1 club in Istanbul, but I guess it is one of the best ones worldwide- Reina :) It is a complex with restaurant and club. The perfect combination, right? ;) Reina is located at Ortakoy area with breathtaling view of Bosphorus. The place was my choice for my birthday party celebration last year….We had real fun until 5 o’clock, as I remember ;) Great place! The only thing I was not happy about, was the service…

2. Sortie- it is No 2 in the official lists of top clubs in Istanbul and is situated exactly close to Reina. The same concept, the same fun and nice place.

3. Anjelique- this is the club that is still in my list “should be visited”, but I know it is a good place. Ulus 29, Lucca, Suada club are also in MY list ;)

4. Chilai- a modern bar where you can drink in nice ambiance your one, two, three…or more drinks ;)

5. 360o - the place is on the last floor in a building on Istiklal street  with nice view of the city. During the day it is working like restaurant and at night-like club.

You are about to ask me where is the best place for shopping, right? ;) InIstanbul there are plenty of shopping areas where you can spend your money. One of the locations is the central shopping street Istiklal I have mentioned above where you will find- Zara, Mango, H&M etc. By the way you can find great Turkish brands for clothes and shoes. There are some very big shopping malls as well. But if you are interested in the luxury brands, so Istiniye park is exactly for you!

I am pretty sure that I missed a lot of things in my article about that marvelous city, but stay tuned for more information after my next visit in Istanbul ;)

And now, I should tell you “Bye, bye” and to start packing my suitcase for my tomorrow’s trip in Thessaloniki ;)

Take care!




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