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One interview with the charming actress and model- Irmena Chichikova.

M: How did you find free time for this conversation with us?

It is not so hard to find it only if I don't .........I take the chance to make a lot of things while I am not busy. I am making many things simultaneously and I feel strange if I don't do anything. I've always got on my mind the things I want to do - I start one and before finishing it start another.

M: But whatever you initiate you bring it to the end?

I am really very strenuous and when I start something I work on it seriously. When I say I will do this and this I really do it. It stimulates me. Now I go to gym. Time by time your body gets used to it and if you stop it you don't feel comfortable. 

M: You like staying at home?


M: You'd rather prefer staying at home?

No. I like both staying at home and going out - it depends how I feel. Sometimes the only thing I want is to lay on the bed and read some book.

M: What are you reading now?

I set a goal - to read the best 100 British novels by the end of the year. By now I have read only 5 (the interview is done in June). Some of them I read in Bulgarian, others I have found in English. I love buying books from different places, the old editions sold by the elder men in the small paved streets of Sofia.


A delicious tea, pleasant music and nice company - the conversation passes over many themes. Except of knowing her everyday life we talk about the things beyond - sharing some thoughts, memories or dreams.


M: Given the fact you've been so many characters during your career where does your own personality stand?

For me the most important thing for an actor is not to be able to play as many and as different characters as he could. His most precious quality is to contain them. One comprises so many characters in himself and in a different moment he shows only some of them. Life doesn't give you enough time to be everything you could be. While playing you could create parallel worlds and on the scene you could be everything and everyone that you could not be in the reality.

M:  Is there a role that has never been given to you?

I have popular and not so popular roles.  I respect the capability of the director to discover and provoke the unconventional charisma of the actor, not to impose him limitations or models for imitation.

Me, I'd like to play a comic role.

M: Which character you want to play?

The character of Julia from August Strindberg's novel “Mrs. Julia”. I've watched Margarita Milanova's staging and Liv Ullmann's movie.

M: Why Julia? You want to go through something?

Rather yes - I want to experience something with this character.

M: What is this?

 I can't explain it exactly. There is a kind of recklessness in her and living on the edge. As refers to the cinema - I can list many characters - Anna Karenina, everything by Jane Austin. I like the difficulties of periods she writes for - the restrictions and the obstacles then, even the way people's destinies can't meet each other.

M: Do you have a favourite phrase?

I have the talent to forget the texts after the play. But I remember things that people have told me.

M: What about love?

Love has many faces. And this is one of its best qualities. People should not be afraid of its changing nature. It could long exist but in different ways. It is even better to have suffered than not have fallen in love. I am interested in people's stories. My motto is that nothing should be excessively - it would get harmful. One should not go too far neither with the drama, nor with the comedy.


Irmena is inspired by the British cultural movements in the literature, music, cinema and fashion during the 90s. For her fashion is a way of a self-definition. We should make experiments with our clothes without feeling obliged to follow the current modern style. Fashion is what suits us well. Irmena's advice towards women is to maintain their inner and outer beauty because we are most beautiful when we are in harmony with ourselves.


M: What do you think of the today Bulgarian woman?

Bulgarian women are very beautiful and they also maintain their beauty. Fashion is what sits well on us and it is not necessary to wear certain clothes if they don't suit us. There are women who make too strange and inappropriate combinations of clothes and make-up  in order to look more extravagant. We are beautiful the most when we live in harmony with ourselves. My advice for the women is to make experiments, to rediscover and to maintain themselves.

M: Do you have another interests and activities?

I have been working as a model and as a DJ - I love music and for me it is a challenge for me.





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