декември 19, 2016 / LIFESTYLE

Hey guys,

it is the time to present you a  Bulgarian company, that launched her super innovative product this year on the market. Have you ever thought how to keep your handbags by keeping them like new?

Well, Lady's hand is a company producing super cute handbag hangers with a shape of lady's hand :)

Now, I use them everywhere, at home, on door handles or supermarket trolleyes. It really works!


About the Lady's hand hanger:

A handbag is originally designed for being carried and looks its best in a woman's hand. Unfortunately, handbags are usually spending much more time in the closet or left in places that are not specially adapted for them.

Improper storage over a long period causes serious harm to handbags due to three main mistakes that handbags’ owners make:

1. Hanging handbags on inappropriate hooks or devices that preserve their bodies but break their handles;

2. Wrongly arranging them on a flat surface that causes crumpling of the bags’ leather and damages their original body shape due to pressuring handbags by each other or piling them one over another;

3. Storing handbags in a way that differs from the only proper vertical hanging position.

To keep a handbag’s perfect shape, you must store it in a way that prevents the breaking of its handles and deforming its corpus.

The Solution

The handbag hanger was designed to treat the handbag with the same care as its owner would. The saddle-shaped bearing element of the hanger follows the delicate shape of the female hand so it could hold the bag in the same way while you keep them in the closet or another proper storage place.

The handbag hanger is small-sized but solid, easily portable hanger whose unique design allows its usage anywhere you can use a standard hanger.

You just need to hang your handbag on the hanger’s bearing part and apply the hook to any portable or fixed object with a rail to hang on. It’s that simple!

You may now keep your handbag safe anywhere: in the closet, on the bus’ horizontal rail, on the car seat headrest poles while driving and even on a standard shopping cart rail, while shopping! You may use the hanger at your office, in the cafés, bars and restaurants you visit, take it when you travel or use it in your fashion shop to display handbags. You can basically put it anywhere possible!

The perfect balance between the hanger’s design, size and weight makes it easily usable to any regular wardrobe rail and most of the clothes stands, while its portable design makes the wardrobe reorganization as easy children’s game by simply changing the hanger’s place.




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