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Hey you guys, today I am starting the new colum"n with interview "Talking with...", where I will present you people from different professions that I personally like. My first guest is the leading specialist in aesthetic dermatalogy in Bulgaria- doctor Radina Denkova.



M.: How would you present yourself?

I am doctor Denkova. Radina is my first name. I am a dermatologist. I started working as a clinical dermatologist in a hospital in Sofia where during the last two years I hold the position of a Dermal ward chief. 10 years ago I and my brother who is a plastic surgeon founded our private business. We created a brand in the sphere of the surgery and the aesthetic dermatology. We fought for every one of our clients and we believed a man’s work will be rewarded. Personally – I am a very positive woman, my hobby is to travel around the world. I love being among foreign people and examining their everyday life in different parts of the world. This inspires me very much.

M.: Which is your favorite place where you prefer spending your holidays, free time?

I have travelled around Asia, South America. Europe is not so interesting for me because we are a part of it and I consider it a home place. The airplanes resemble buses in the air. The most powerful impression I have from Argentina, Buenos Aires, Machu Picchu, Easter Island.

M.: Could you please describe your day?

My working day starts at 6:30 when I get up. At 7:00 I start training until 8:15. Then I take a shower and at 8:30 I start working. Usually I have one patient every half an hour. Rarely I do have some free time but when it happens I get rid of the stress by traveling.

M.: Do you have a ritual which your day is unthinkable without?

Often I do some meditation. Sometimes I attend my masseur. I love spending time with my husband.

M.: Tell us more about new technologies in the aesthetic dermatology.

The newest thing in the dermatology is the new paradigm towards face and patient. 10 years ago botox and injection were concentrated in separate parts of the human face. Today we look at it as a whole construction and not as a common of different independent parts. We consider the fact that each face has its identity and individuality. A doctor should be perfectly aware of the anatomy and the subdermal structures of the skin to achieve a great performance. The technologies are extremely advanced and today in Bulgaria we have the newest ones. Our market is one of the fastest developing markets in this sphere and I wonder what it would look like after 15 years.

M.: How should a woman take care for herself before lend herself to the wonders of your medicine?

She must have a good practice in maintaining her hygiene – clean up the face in the mornings and evenings, visit a professional cosmetologist once a month, use an appropriate cream, visit a dermatologist when having a problem with her skin.

M.: When does the intervention of the aesthetic dermatology come?

Our intervention is related to the psychology of the patient. Women come to us when they decide they have to do something special for themselves. There are women who like themselves at the age of 60 and those who don’t like how they look at the age of 20. So I mean the problem stems from the psychology.

M.: What is your receipt for success?

Positivism. Faith and confidence one will achieve their goal and very hard work.

M.: What gives you satisfaction?

My job – it is my hobby. When the work is done with pleasure  - the result is obvious. I am inspired when meeting my patients at the street smiling and happy knowing I have contributed for their well- being.

M.: What do you think of first when you hear the word Aesthetics? 

The beauty which surrounds us in all of its forms.


Text: Gabriela Tabakova for followMarietta

Photo: Plamen Trifonov



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