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Hey guys,

today my guest is Bilyana Yotovska- Bikini fitness champion, top model, dancer, mother and etc. etc. will see :)

M: How would you present yourself?

I am positive, motivated and goal oriented.

M: How important is the painting for you? Also the sport, cooking, being a model?

I manage somehow to dedicate enough time for all of these.

M: Where does your career end and where does your persona life begins in the media?

I don't care about what media writes for me. Thank God I save myself from their untruthful statements by not giving them ground to talk.

M: Do you have a dream which hasn't become truth still?

I have many dreams and I realize them one by one. I'd rather surprise you with new projects instead of sharing my ideas now.

M: Which are the morals you teach little Nicol?

She has to be honest, responsible and good person. I want to teach her to eat healthy food and I want to be a model for her.

M: How many wrong answers in love did you have before getting the right one?

We found each other very fast - Me and Dimitar are together since 11 years.

M: You surprise us with new projects. What new should we expect from you?

I am facing new competitions, fifth anniversary print of my book, new collections of Codefit and other great things.

M: Your formula for success?


M: Where did you get information from to write your book "Cook healthy with Biliyana Yotovska"?

From my personal experience.

M: Which are the healthiest foods and how can we get fit  for a shortest period?

The super foods, the fruits and vegetables, proteins of good quality. My advice is to eat healthy foods and do some sport during the whole year not only when the summer is coming.

M: How do you cope with the fries and sweet temptations?

It is more important to me when I look at myself in the mirror and when I feel good.

M: What did you learn from the sport and why did you choose exactly Bikini fitness?

It taught me to be disciplined. Bikini is the most beautiful women sport category and it meets my criteria.

M: After the biggest sport event in Europe-Fibo, where you took part with your BioTechUSA team and the qualification for the forthcoming international competitions in Plovdiv, what is coming?

In May started my European competitions and some private events. In September I will visit the US again and in a meantime I'll do the cardio with my Secret Garden show J

M: Tell us about your Thailand adventure - what impressed you the most?

The calmness and the endless beautiful beaches, the nature is different from the European one and is very exotic. I meet interesting animals and it was amazing. I liked very much their food and especially the fruits.

M: Do you have a fetish?


M: What do you think of first when you hear the word Aesthetics?

Appearance and individuality.

Text: Gabriela Tabakova for followMarietta





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