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“Get to know more about your motherland and be proud of its priceless riches”

Are you willing to set off on a remarkable adventure across the Bulgarian lands?

Hop in the car, turn the GPS navigation on and surprise your significant other with a compelling trip to some of the most striking places around here; each of them taking anyone’s breath away who’s brave enough to feel the magic floating in the air.

The Castle of Ravadinovo

…is in love with the Wind

” Smitten with the Wind” is the poetic name of the noteworthy Castle of Ravadinovo. A genuine inspiration awaits you only a few km away from Sozopol. Proud and magnetic, the wonderful castle rises up high looking like it has slipped away from a fairy tale. As enigmatic as it appears, the architectural creation spreads over 20 acres, catching the eye with its lovely park, lake with swans and a chapel. It’s time to meet up with the castle that is “enamored of the Wind”- a significant place created out of fantasy and enthusiasm.

Raysko Praskalo aka “The Heavenly Spray”

Feel the endless enchantment of the highest waterfall across the Balkans nestled in the embrace of the Old Mountains/Stara planina. The landmark belongs to the territory of Dzendema nature reserve. The extraordinary beauty of the waterfall is so haunting that travelers come back again to taste the tranquility and harmony surrounding this heaven-like place.

Canyon “Golyam dol”/Great Canyon Dam

The Great Canyon dam “Golyam dol” is located nearby the village of Kunino serving as its starting point. The local canyon impresses with its unique beauty that has newcomers awe-struck at the very sight. Amidst vast fields and sky-high cliffs gapes the local “grande” canyon featuring a depth of about 50 m.

The Marvelous Bridges

The rocky phenomenon has captured any adventurer’s heart since ancient times. The erosion-formed landmark – the Proud of West Rhodope Mountains – is famous with its astounding beauty that amazes all newcomers coming up here.

“Srebarna” reserve

Only 16 km away from Silistra and about 2 km south of Danube River sits the “Srebarna” nature reserve; and, undoubtedly, it has earned its spot on our top 5 list. Up here, travelers are offered a rich exposition of species along with wonderful fauna and flora. Take a walk up the eco paths then have a break to breathe in the air at the wooden tents around; and from up there, feel free to enjoy heaven-like scenery and sunsets.

It does sound too good to be true, right?

Because, it’s too good, simply wonderful, and 100 % authentic!

Author: Marina Yoveva/M.Y.



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