февруари 26, 2015 / LIFESTYLE

Well, let’s continue with the initiative “Send your greetings to M.”….the next one is coming from a top model, champion in “bikini fitness”, dancer, artist, adorable lady…..or just simply Bilyana Yotovska. I know Bibi from the years when I was deeply absorbed by my modeling career and we were working for the same modeling agency…..hmmmm, that was more than 9 years ago….that time is passing so fast…….

I do remember the first Secret Garden Show (Bilyana is a cofounder of the formation) in Escape…I remember also the Birthday party of Secret Garden…..another story is how I could not give my bunch of flowers there…hahah

Those are her wishes for and its readers…the text is in Bulgarian, but anyway, believe me, the it is great!!!

о забравих, ще ставам кулинар и ще готвя с Бибс много вкусни и здравословни ястия с нейната нова книга с рецепти „Гответе с Биляна Йотовска“. Препоръчвам!



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